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Yard Sale 

Yard Sale was founded in 2014 by Bennett Newman, Patrick Crookenden, Will Reed, and brothers Will and John Hetherington—childhood friends who met in an after school jazz program. They released their debut album ‘Passiflora’ under the name Cluster Funk in October 2015. 


After a hiatus of several years, the former members of Cluster Funk teamed up with singer-songwriter Anna DeNelsky in 2020. They recorded/mixed/mastered their basement EP ‘Boundaries’ entirely from home during the pandemic under a new name: Yard Sale. Continuing to refine their sound, which draws on influences from indie rock, psych rock, jam bands, and jazz, Yard Sale released several studio singles over the following two years. 


Yard Sale’s upcoming sophomore EP ‘Fractals’ embodies a simultaneous process of fusions and fractures, an ode to the breaking that accompanies growth.

Linktree to all our socials and music on streaming services: 

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